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Hi, my name is Gordon. I'm a psychotherapist working in private practice based in the Northwest of England.

My clients often ask about different mental health problems and which resources may be useful for them to use. I created this site to provide them an easy place to come to find the information they are interested in.

I am classically trained in Humanistic therapies but have experience in a wide range of other techniques including CBT, Creative therapies and Compassion based therapies.

If you think you or one of your friends / family may be experiencing mental health problems then please give me a call and I'll see what I can do to help.

It’s difficult to express how much Gordon’s support has helped me. I was linked up with him when I had just come out of an abusive relationship, and he helped me to rebuild myself from a very dark place. I felt safe enough with him to share things that I’ve never shared with anyone. His empathy and expert knowledge of abuse dynamics as well as counselling skills have helped me to be the strongest I have ever been. Now that I’m healthy, he continues to offer me a safe place for support when I face life’s bumps, or when things from the past resurface. I feel lucky to have found him.

R, London


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