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Forest Trees


I understand it can be tough to reflect on your counselling journey so I really appreciate it when my clients feel they can give me some feedback and allow me to share it with others, thanks to you all :).

A stream in the forest

Thankyou Gordon! During my sessions I immediately felt like I was talking to an old friend. His empathy and support for others shines so bright, I felt so seen and listened to. Gordon equips his clients with the tools to heal themselves, and when he speaks you can feel the genuine desire to support you. Thankyou :)

KK, Warrington

My counselling experience with Gordon exceeded my expectations. Our sessions were performed online, Gordon was always punctual and professional. Gordon was very approachable and he created a safe, non judgemental environment, I felt like I could freely express myself.

I felt like we built a very healthy client counsellor relationship and I am especially grateful as he helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life.

He really helped me build my self esteem and highlighted the power I have within myself. He helped me see how strong I was. You made me realise that my feelings are important and that I have every right to express them. I am still very much still on this journey, but I will keep going and I cannot express how life changing it is to have this awareness.

Gordon’s listening skills were amazing and I always felt like I had his undivided attention, I felt heard and understood. I feel that Gordon has a natural empathetic way about him and he expresses this in how he responds.

I am very grateful I found Gordon. Thank you again and if I require a counsellor again in the future, I would definitely return.

AL, Online


It’s difficult to express how much Gordon’s support has helped me. I was linked up with him when I had just come out of an abusive relationship, and he helped me to rebuild myself from a very dark place. I felt safe enough with him to share things that I’ve never shared with anyone. His empathy and expert knowledge of abuse dynamics as well as counselling skills have helped me to be the strongest I have ever been. Now that I’m healthy, he continues to offer me a safe place for support when I face life’s bumps, or when things from the past resurface. I feel lucky to have found him.

R, London

I have always found it hard to open up, even to friends, you made it so easy.

A, Wales

Trees From Above

You're so easy to talk to, even when talking about the tough stuff.

S, Leeds

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