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Emotion wheel

Emotion wheel
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Emotions can be much more complex than we give them credit for. Every day we ask each other how we are and we usually reply with generalised emotions, good, rubbish. What is underneath these emotions though? Why are we feeling good or rubbish? The emotion wheel can help you refine to a higher degree what you are actually feeling. Feeling angry for example is not as useful as understanding the type of anger you are feeling. Feeling jealous is completely different to feeling irritable and each have their own solutions.

The emotion wheel can be a great way to start to become more aware of how your feelings however feelings can be even more complex with feelings that at first seem to be opposite like love and hate often intertwined in our minds into one frustrating feeling. This is where more professional help can be of use.


This resource is also especially useful with children and young people who may not be able to vocalise the different emotions they are feeling

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